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Homework 2016-2017

You can do the exercises in Units 1-20


In this blog you will find extra material to improve your English. 
Bibliography C2
Unit 1         1.1        1.2         1.3       Exam folder 1
Unit 2         2.1        2.2         2.3       Writing folder 1
Unit 3         3.1        3.2         3.3       Exam folder 2
Unit 4         4.1        4.2         4.3       Writing folder 2     Revision U 1-4
Unit 5         5.1        5.2         5.3       Exam folder 3 
Unit 6         6.1        6.2         6.3       Writing folder 3
Unit 7         7.1        7.2         7.3       Exam folder 4
Unit 8         8.1        8.2         8.3       Writing folder 4     Revision U 5-8
Unit 9         9.1        9.2         9.3       Exam folder 5
Unit 10       10.1      10.2      10.3       Writing folder 5
Unit 11       11.1      11.2      11.3       Exam folder 6
Unit 12       12.1      12.2      12.3       Writing folder 6     Revision U 9-12
Unit 13       13.1      13.2      13.3       Exam folder 7
Unit 14       14.1      14.2      14.3       Writing folder 7
Unit 15       15.1      15.2      15.3       Exam folder 8
Unit 16       16.1      16.2      16.3       Writing folder 8     Revision U 13-16
Unit 17       17.1      17.2      17.3       Exam folder 9
Unit 18       18.1      18.2      18.3       Writing folder 9
Unit 19       19.1      19.2      19.3       Exam folder 10
Unit 20       20.1      20.2      20.3       Writing folder 10   Revision U 17-20

Get ready for the speaking exam

English C2 Blog Posts 


1. Personal profile: 

Our language assistant this year is called Natalie. She is from Minnesota. Write an email  to her with your personal profile. (deadline: 17 Oct)  
You will find useful language here here  and here  

2. An essay:
Write a balanced discussion (discursive essay ) about the process, the necessity and the inevitability of major political, cultural, and social change. You can get more information on writing essays on pages 22 &23, 56 & 57, here and here. You will find useful language, here, here , here , here  and here. You can also get some ideas on this topic in Unit 1 and on this website (Deadline 31 Oct) 
Here you have another idea for a balanced discussion (discursive essay):
"The internet poses one of the greatest threats to our existence"
3. A review:
An international magazine wants readers to contribute writing a review. (Objective Proficiency p 39 Ex 6). Here you can find useful language for reviews. You can get more information on writing reviews on pages 38 & 39. Finally, you can find useful language for writing here. (Deadline 21 Nov)

4. An essay:
Write a discursive essay. (Objective Proficiency p 56). Do we as a society take music as seriously as we should? You will get more ideas on how to write an essay on pages 22 &23, 56 & 57  and here. You will find useful language, here, here , here , here  and here . You can also get some ideas and vocabulary on this topic here . (deadline: 12 Dec)

5aWrite a scrapbook after Christmas with the activities you did together with family and friends.  

5b. A proposal
Write a proposal. Find the details here. (Deadline 11 Jan) 

6. An article
Write an article. Find the details here. (Deadline 23 Jan) 

Make a Presentation:
Give a 10 minute presentation on one of the curriculum topics
You can find some tips here  and here
31 Oct: tell your teacher the topic
Feb: give the presentation  

7. A report
You work for the tourist office in your area. Your manager has asked you to write a report in English on the places that are popular with tourists who are interested in art. You should briefly describe the most popular places. Your report should also recommend two or three improvements that would enhance the tourists' experience and explain why these would attract even more visitors. You can find useful vocabulary to talk about art here. You can get information on writing reports on pages 106 & 107. Finally, you can find useful language for writing a report here, here and here. (Deadline 20 February)

8. Write a letter. You have read an article that appeared on the NPR website entitled "Will We 'Fix' The Weather? Yes. Should We Fix The Weather? Hmmm". You decide to write a letter to the writer of the article, , commenting on the views expressed and giving your own opinions. You can get more information on writing letters on pages 124 & 125. You will also find a letter writing guide here and here . You can find useful language here, here: Formal letters, here: How to write. and here. (Deadline: 13 March)

9. Write a review of two books you have read this year.   Useful language .  (Deadlines: before 31 Oct tell your teacher the book you are going to read. In April hand in your review) Click here for a list of readers and more instructions for this assignment. 

10. Write an article. An English-language newspaper is inviting readers to contribute to a series of articles about clothing. You decide to write an article about wearing the right clothes for the right occasion. You can find useful vocabulary to talk about clothing here. To see how to write articles click here and also here. You can also get some ideas on how to write articles on pages 90, 91, 158, 159, 174 & 175. Finally, you can find useful language for writing here. (Deadline: 26 April)

Last assignment:
Reflection: write a letter to your teacher (deadline 15 May)

We are approaching the end of the academic year. You decide to write a letter to your teacher giving him some feedback about the course. In your reflection you can include aspects of the course that you loved or loathed; what you found useful or useless; suggestions for the future and any other aspect you may consider worth pointing out in order to improve the teaching and learning process of this course.
You will find a letter writing guide here and here . You can find useful language here.
Formal letters.
How to write. 


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