Monday, 25 September 2017

Interesting vocabulary for the C2 level

hew: /hjuː/ (hew, hewed/hewn, hewed/hewn) hew something (old-fashioned) to cut something large with a tool. E.g. to hew wood. The stones were hewn by the Incas.

hew something (out of something) (formal) to make or shape something large by cutting roughly. E.g. hewn timber frames. The statues were hewn out of solid rock. They hewed a path through the forest. The cave has been hewn out of the hillside.

pull the wool over somebody’s eyes
(informal) to try to trick somebody; to hide your real actions or intentions from somebody. To deceive sb. E.g. She was pulling the wool over our eyes. He doesn't have any special powers – he's just trying to pull the wool over your eyes

conundrum: /kəˈnʌndrəm/
1. a confusing problem or question that is very difficult to solve. Sp. problema, misterio, enigma. E.g. The role of clouds is one of the big conundrums of climatology.
The proposition has raised a constitutional conundrum. Sp. La propuesta ha generado un problema constitucional.
2. a question, usually involving a trick with words, that you ask for fun. Riddle. Sp. acertijo, adivinanza. Conundrums are nearly impossible to translate. Sp. Los acertijos son casi imposibles de traducir.

spanking: (N) a series of hits on the bottom, given to somebody, especially a child, as a punishment. E.g. to give somebody a spanking. I don't agree with spanking.

spanking: (adv) when you say that something is spanking new, etc. you are emphasizing that it is very new, etc. Very, completely. E.g. a spanking white Rolls-Royce. A spanking new suit. Spanking white sheets.

spanking: (adj) very fast, good or impressive. Very quick. E.g. They raced by at a spanking pace. The horse set off at a spanking pace. We had a spanking time last night.

lull (in something) /lʌl/ a quiet period between times of activity. E.g. a lull in the conversation/ fighting. Just before an attack everything would go quiet but we knew it was just the lull before the storm (= before a time of noise or trouble).

wrought something (formal or literary) (used only in the past tense)(Wrought is an old form of the past tense of work.) caused something to happen, especially a change. Sp. causado, provocado, originado. E.g. This century wrought major changes in our society. The storm wrought havoc in the south. The destruction wrought by the earthquake was unbelievable. Sp. La destrucción causada por el terremoto fue increíble. The destruction that has been wrought by the hurricane is unprecedented.

gazebo: /ɡəˈziːbəʊ/ a small building with open sides in a garden/yard, especially one with a view. a small decorated building or temporary structure, usually in a garden, that can be used for relaxing or entertaining guests. Sp. kiosko. E.g. The ceremony will be held at the gazebo in the center of town.
Sp. La ceremonia tomará lugar en la glorieta que esta en el centro de la ciudad.

pergola: /ˈpɜːɡələ/
an arch in a garden/yard with a frame for plants to grow over and through.

trellis: /ˈtrelɪs/ a light frame made of long narrow pieces of wood that cross each other, used to support climbing plants. A light frame made of bars of wood or metal crossed over each other, attached to a wall for plants to grow up.

1. furnish something
to put furniture in a house, room, etc. E.g. The room was furnished with antiques.
2. furnish somebody/something with something | furnish something (formal) to supply or provide somebody/something with something; to supply something to somebody. E.g. She furnished him with the facts surrounding the case. Foreign investors furnished most of the capital for the project.

rig something to arrange or influence something in a dishonest way in order to get the result that you want. Fix. E.g. He said the election had been rigged. A commission was appointed to ensure the lottery was not rigged. to rig the market (= to cause an artificial rise or fall in prices, in order to make a profit) a rigged match.

char (something)
to become black by burning; to make something black by burning it. E.g. Grill the peppers until the skin starts to char.

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