Objective Proficiency p 28. Anger. Extra Listening

daddy's girl: a girl or woman who is particularly attached to, and indulged by, her father.

Hillary Clinton: my husband Bill Clinton is not secretary of state 

During a visit to Kinshasa a student asked the US Secretary of State about the thoughts of President Barack Obama. But the translator mistakenly said "Mr Clinton" instead of "Mr Obama".
He said: "We've all heard about the Chinese contracts in this country. The interference is from the World Bank against this contract. What does Mr Clinton think through the mouth of Mrs Clinton and what does Mr Mutombo think on this situation? Thank you very much."
Dikembe Mutombo is a 7ft 2in tall former basketball player who was Mrs Clinton's guide in Kinshasa and was sitting beside her.
What she thought was the question clearly touched Mrs Clinton's rawest (powerful and natural; not controlled or trained) nerve. Piqued (annoyed) by the student's question her response appeared to be less than becoming (suitable or appropriate) for America's top diplomat. Looking aghast (horrified) as she heard the translation in the headset, she then took a breath and let rip (spoke with great force and anger and without control)
"You want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the Secretary of State, I am. You ask my opinion. I will tell you my opinion; I'm not going to be channelling my husband," she said sharply (in a critical, rough or severe way).

silent treatment: an act of completely ignoring a person or thing by resort to silence especially as a means of expressing anger, contempt or disapproval. E.g. The rest of the class gave the telltale the silent treatment.

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