Sunday, 4 March 2012

Objective Proficiency p 156. Politics. Extra Speaking

1.     In your country, how would you describe the actual political system and the people that represent it?

2.     Do politicians generally keep their promises?

3.     What recommendations would you give to improve our current situation?

4.     What would you tell politicians if you had the chance? Or even better, what would you do if you were president?

5.     What are your hopes for the future? 


  • ·         To be on the dole (queue).

    ·         To collect unemployment benefit.
    -        To draw the dole (informal)
    -        To be on welfare
    ·         Privatisation and social cutbacks
    ·         To fill in a tax return form.
    ·         Fraud/ fraudulent activities
    ·         tax evasion
    ·         A tax heaven (noun) / offshore (adj)
    -        e.g. Switzerland is seen as a tax haven or offshore country where fraud and tax-evasion activities are a reality.
    ·         money laundering or dirty money
    ·         'white-collar crime'
    ·         Chamber of Deputies
    ·         To govern/ rule a country ( be in office); presidential term of office.
    ·         The Ministry of …/ Minister of…
    -        Education and Culture
    -        National Defense
    -        Economy, Finance and Public Credit (of the Treasury)
    -        The Interior
    -        Ministry of Justice, Security and Human Rights
    -        Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    -        the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare
    -        Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
    ·         Left and right wing parties
    ·         General elections/ Presidential elections/ to call or hold elections
    ·         To go to the polls
    -        To win at the polls
    -        A defeat at the polls
    -        A 40% poll
    -        Light/heavy poll

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