Thursday, 2 February 2012

Objective Proficiency p 125. Vocabulary

  • Trip: to catch your foot on something and fall or almost fall. E.g. She tripped and fell. Trip over/on something E.g. Someone will trip over that cable.
Ex 3
  • Entrance /ɪnˈtrɑːns/ (verb) to make somebody feel great pleasure and admiration so that they give somebody/something all their attention. Enthral. Sp. Extasiar, encantar. E.g. He listened to her, entranced.
  • Incense somebody: /ɪnˈsens/ to make somebody very angry. E.g. The decision incensed the workforce.
  • Produce: /ˈprɒdjuːs/ things that have been made or grown, especially things connected with farming. E.g. farm produce. The shop sells only fresh local produce. It says on the label ‘Produce of France’.
  • Alternate: /ˈɔːltəneɪt/ (verb) alternate A and B E.g. Alternate cubes of meat and slices of red pepper. Alternate A with B Alternate cubes of meat with slices of red pepper.
  • Alternate: /ɔːlˈtɜːnət/ (adj) 1 (of two things) happening or following one after the other regularly. E.g. alternate layers of fruit and cream. Stretch up 30 times with alternate arms as a warm-up exercise. 2 if something happens on alternate days, nights, etc. it happens on one day, etc. but not on the next. E.g. John has to work on alternate Sundays. The ferry service will initially run on alternate days, increasing eventually to daily sailings.
Ex 5
  • Bus shelter: a structure with a roof where people can stand while they are waiting for a bus.

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