Thursday, 23 February 2012

Objective Proficiency p 146. Leisure. Extra Speaking

Drag: to pull somebody/something along with effort and difficulty. E.g. I was dragged along to a party. 
Stay in: to not go out or to remain indoors. E.g I feel like staying in tonight.

Rut: a boring way of life that does not change. Sp. Estancarse. E.g. If you don't go out and meet new people, it's easy to get into a rut.

Splash: the sound of something hitting liquid or of liquid hitting something. E.g. We heard the splash when she fell into the pool.

Squad: (in sport) a group of players, runners, etc. from which a team is chosen for a particular game or match. Sp. Equipo. E.g. the Olympic/national squad.  

Settle in/ settle into something: to move into a new home, job, etc. and start to feel comfortable there. Sp. instalarse, adaptarse. E.g.  It's not always easy for a new player to settle in.

Pick sth out: to play a tune on a musical instrument slowly without using written music. E.g. He picked out the tune on the piano with one finger.



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