Saturday, 4 February 2012

Objective Proficiency p 127. Vocabulary

Ex 3
  • Damning: /ˈdæmɪŋ/ critical of somebody/something; suggesting that somebody is guilty. Sp. Condenatorio, mordaz. E.g. damning criticism/evidence. A damning conclusion/report.
  • Hard-line: very fixed and unlikely to change. E.g. a hard-line attitude.
  • Bar somebody (from something/from doing something) to ban or prevent somebody from doing something. E.g. The players are barred from drinking alcohol the night before a match.
  • Hitherto: /ˌhɪðəˈtuː / until now; until the particular time you are talking about. E.g. a hitherto unknown species of moth. Her life hitherto had been devoid of adventure.
  • Put in: to officially make a claim, request, etc. E.g. The company has put in a claim for damages. We should put in for this money.
  • Dodgy: /ˈdɒdʒi / not working well; not in good condition. E.g. I can't play—I've got a dodgy knee. The marriage had been distinctly dodgy for a long time. 
  • Flooring: material used to make the floor of a room. E.g. wooden flooring. Kitchen/bathroom flooring.
  • Whereby: by which; because of which. E.g. They have introduced a new system whereby all employees must undergo regular training.
  • Hike something (up) to increase prices, taxes, etc. suddenly by large amounts. E.g. The government hiked up the price of milk by over 40%. 
  • Out of line: behaving in a way that is not acceptable or right. E.g. That comment was way out of line.

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