Objective Proficiency p 26. Conditionals. Extra Exercise: Verb Tenses

Complete each sentence with a suitable form of the verb in brackets.

1.      Now we’re lost! If you __________________ (write down) Mary’s directions, this __________________ (not/happen).

2.      Why don’t we emigrate? If we _________________ (live) in Australia, at least the weather ______________________ (be) better!

3.      I’m afraid that Smith is a hardened criminal. If we _________________ (not/punish) him this time, he _________________ (only/commit) more crimes.

4.      Thanks to Dr Jones, I’m still alive! If it _________________ (not/be) for her. I _________________ (be) dead for certain.

5.      I’m sorry I can’t lend you any money. You know that if I ____________________________ (have) it, I ____________________________ (lend) it to you.

6.      Don’t be afraid. If you __________________________ (touch) the dog, it __________________________ (not/bite).

7.      In those days, if you __________________ (have) a job, you __________________________ (be) lucky.

8.      It’s always the same! If I _________________ (decide) to leave the office early, my boss _____________________ (call) me after I’ve left!

9.      What a terrible thing to happen! Just think, if we __________________ (not/ miss) the plane, we __________________ (kill) in the crash.

10.  Did you enjoy your meal? If you __________________ (finish) eating, I _____________________ (clear away) the plates.


1. had written down, 

would not have happened  

2. lived,

 would be 

 3. do not punish, 

will only commit 

4. had not been/were not/was not, 

would be 

5. had, 

would lend 

6. touch, 

won’t bite 

7. had, 


8. decide, 


9. had not missed, 

would have been killed 

10. have finished, 

will clear away

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