Friday, 20 January 2012

Objective Proficiency p 112. All Work and No Play? Extra Cloze

All Work and No Play? Not In Our Office!
Jeff is a software designer at a small software company. He is playing table tennis at work, but that's not a problem because his company insists that he (1)_________ part of his work day playing! His boss asks that he (2)___________ a break every couple of hours to do something fun. Many psychologists now recommend that a person (3)__________ more time playing and less time working. They say it is essential that a worker (4)_________ and (5)____________ fun in order to be more productive. They also say it is important that a person not (6)__________ too many hours without taking a break. Also, it is recommended that everyone (7)_________ a sport or game during at least some of those breaks. Of course, most companies don't demand that an employee (8)_________ time off to play. Some simply suggest that a worker not (9)_________ the whole day at the desk. Some final advice from Jeff, though: "Just don't spend too long playing and forget to work. It definitely isn't recommended that one (10)________ all the time.

1. spend

2. take

3. spend

4. relax

5. have

6. work

7. play

8. take

9. spend

10. play

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