Friday, 20 January 2012

Objective Proficiency p 112. Our Forest School. Extra Cloze

It's important that a child not (1)________ up without an understanding of the natural world, and our forest school (2)_________ that possible. Built on the edge of the Ashley forest, we offer the chance to learn, explore and create. Experts recommend that a child (3)________ risks while growing up and the forest (4)____________ them the chance to do just that, but in a safe environment. We don't propose that every child (5)_________ all day outside of course, but a large portion of our time is (6)________ in the forest working on a variety of projects. We recommend that your child (7)_______ us for a day to learn more about the incredible work that is (8)________. Call now to book a place!
NB We ask that children not (9)________ toys with them but (10)________ warm clothes with them instead.

1. grow

2. makes

3. take

4. allows/ gives/ offers

5. spend

6. spent

7. visit

8. done

9. bring

10. have/ take

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