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Objective Proficiency p 70. Acronyms

You possibly know what these acronyms stand for:
JFK / KFC / USA / etc.

What do these ones mean?

JAM  (the households "just about managing" to avoid poverty - and feeling left behind by globalisation) (aka the squeezed middle, hard-working families) Read more
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO is an organization to which many European countries and the US and Canada belong. They agree to give each other military help if necessary)
LASER ( light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) 
RADAR (ra(dio) d(etection) a(nd) r(anging)) a system that uses radio waves to find the position and movement of objects, for example planes and ships, when they cannot be seen.
range: to move around an area + adv./prep. E.g. He ranges far and wide in search of inspiration for his paintings. range something Her eyes ranged the room. 
LED /ˌel iː ˈdiː/ light emitting diode  /ˈdaɪəʊd/ (a device that produces a light on electrical and electronic equipment)

What about these ones?

  • SWF
  • CD
  • HMV

  • SWF (Single white female)
  • CD (Compact disc)
  • HMV (His master's voice)

These three examples have probably become less common as a result of technological change. People tend not to use print media to find love these days (the natural place to look for SWFs – an abbreviation that was also popularized by a 1992 film.). Do young people these days know what a CD is? And if they do, are they aware that it stands for Compact Disc? And speaking of compact discs, when did you buy the last one? Have you set foot in HMV or any other record store recently? (HMV stands for His Master's Voice.)

What do the following acronyms stand for?
  • ASAP
  • BYOB
  • DIY
  • FAQs
  • GF/ BF
  • HRH
  • IMHO
  • JFK
  • KFC
  • LOL
  • NSFW
  • OJ
  • PIN
  • RIP
  • SOS
  • UFO
  • VIP
  • WWW
  • XL
  • YMCA
  • PTO 

  • ASAP (As soon as possible)
  • BYOB (Bring your own booze, sometimes seen in British restaurants that are not licensed to sell alcohol.)
  • DIY (Do it yourself)
  • FAQs (Frequently asked questions_
  • GF/BF (Girlfriend – also BF)
  • HRH (Her/his Royal Highness)
  • IMHO (In my humble opinion)
  • JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
  • LOL (Laugh out loud)
  • NSFW (Not suitable for work)
  • OJ (Orange Juice)
  • PIN (Personal identification number)
  • RIP (Rest in peace)
  • SOS (Save our souls)
  • UFO (Unidentified flying object)
  • VIP (Very important person)
  • WWW (World wide web)
  • XL (Extra large)
  • YMCA (Young men's Christian Association)
  • PTO (please turn over (written at the bottom of a page to show that there is more on the other side)
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Can you improve the list or add to it?

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