Thursday, 29 December 2011

Objective Proficiency p 90. 6 Minute Vocabulary: Eponyms. Extra Listening

There are a number of verbs and nouns that have come into the English language not just through history and tradition. Successful products and popular software have led to an expansion of English vocabulary - as well as providing us with useful tools!

Some brand names become part of the language:
Are you on Skype?
Some of these brand names are then used as verbs and other nouns:
I'll facebook you about it tonight.
I sometimes spend hours just googling.
The brand name has a capital letter but the verb and noun derivatives do not:
Are you on Skype?
Let's skype.

Brand names as part of the language

Hoover / to hoover / do the hoovering
Xerox / to xerox / a xeroxed document
Facebook / to facebook / facebooking
Skype / to skype / skyping
Google / to google / googling
Rollerblade / to rollerblade / rollerblading
Ping Pong
Listen  to the programme

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