Sunday, 18 December 2011

Objective Proficiency p 79. Fifty Shades of Red. Extra Poem

slap somebody about/ slap somebody around: (informal) to hit somebody regularly or often. E.g. Her ex-husband used to slap her around.

nib: the metal point of a pen I dipped the nib into the ink and started to write.

dangle: to hang or swing freely. E.g. Gold charms dangled from her bracelet. A single light bulb dangled from the ceiling. His legs dangled over the side of the boat. He sat on the edge with his legs dangling over the side.

blotter: a large piece of blotting paper in a cover with a stiff back which is kept on a desk

blotting paper: soft thick paper used for drying ink after you have written something on. E.g. a piece of paper a piece/sheet of blotting paper 

How do you feel about teachers correcting your assignment?

How do you think the writer of the poem feels about the corrections?

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