Friday, 16 December 2011

Objective Proficiency p 77. Vocabulary

Phrase spot
Come off it: (informal) used to disagree with somebody rudely. ¡anda! ¡no digas tonterías! E.g. Come off it! We don't have a chance.
Come clean (with somebody) (about something): to admit and explain something that you have kept as a secret. E.g. Isn't it time the government came clean about their plans for education?
Come to terms with something: to accept something unpleasant by learning to deal with it. Asumir. E.g. She is still coming to terms with her son's death.
Come across: find somebody/something by chance. E.g. I came across children sleeping under bridges. She came across some old photographs in a drawer.
come out in sympathy with to stop working in order to show your support for other workers who are on strike. E.g. The railway workers came out in sympathy with the miners. The seamen went on strike in sympathy with (= to show their support for) the dockers.Come up with something: to find or produce an answer, a sum of money, etc. E.g. She came up with a new idea for increasing sales. How soon can you come up with the money?
Come to blows (over something): to start fighting because of something. Llegar a las manos. E.g. We almost came to blows over what colour the new carpet should be.
First come, first served: (saying) people will be dealt with, seen, etc. strictly in the order in which they arrive. E.g. Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis.
Come up with the goods / deliver the goods  (informal) to do what you have promised to do or what people expect or want you to do. E.g. We expected great things of the England team, but on the day they simply failed to deliver the goods.
Come/go down/up in the world: to become less/more important or successful in society. Han venido a menos/ han ido a más.
Come forwardto offer your help, information, services, etc. Presentarse. E.g. Several people came forward with information. Police have asked witnesses of the accident to come forward.

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