Monday, 26 December 2011

Objective Proficiency p 87. Wishes and Regrets. Speaking

1. MONOLOGUE. Prepare a talk of AT LEAST 5 minutes on the subject. You may use the pictures above and the contents below if you wish:
1. Something you think it's time the Town Council did to improve your town.
2. Something you'd sooner it had never been discovered or invented. Why?
3. Something you wish you had learnt to do but still can’t do. 
4. Something you regret having done this month. 
5. What do you wish Spanish television programmes were like?
6. What would you love to say to an important person in politics.

7. What mistakes did you make when you were young that you shouldn't have made?
8. What do you think it's high time people in Spain didn't do and what it's about time they started to do
9. What  regrets do people have when they get old?
10. Can you think of some of your own regrets?

You may make some notes for your talk to take into the exam. These should not exceed five lines.

In this part of the test, the examiner will ask you some questions about the TOPIC. This part of the examination will last AT LEAST 5 minutes. You will not see the questions below.


1. Work out who might have expressed the following wishes and regrets:
  • I wish I hadn’t cut my ear off.
  • I regret having cheated on my wife at the White House.
  • I'd rather have married Camilla instead.
  • If I hadn’t invaded Russia...
  • I shouldn't have eaten that apple.
  • If only I hadn’t gone to Dallas.
  • I would have preferred not to have spent 27 years in a South-African prison.
  • I would have loved to have seen that iceberg.
  • I would have liked not to have married Prince Charles.
  • I'd sooner not have flown so close to the sun.
  • I wish I hadn’t held the Spanish Parliament at gunpoint on 23 February 1981.
  • I would have preferred not to give the order to drop the Atomic bomb over Hiroshima.
  • I'd rather not have sent the Armada to Britain.
2. Talk about:
  • A famous singer you wish you had seen in concert.
  • A foreign language you would like to be able to speak apart from English.
  • Something you would rather a member of your family didn't do.
  • A very expensive possession you would love to have.
  • A quality you would rather have.
  • A famous person you wish you could meet.
  • A sport you would like to be very good at.
  • An aspect of your personality you'd sooner change.
  • Something you regret having bought.
  • The number of brothers or sisters you'd sooner have had.
  • When you would have liked to have been born.
  • A country you wish you had been born and bred in.

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