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Objective Proficiency p 92. Picturetelling. Extra Speaking

Romeo and Juliet are dead 
They are lying on the floor in a
bedroom. The floor is very wet. Romeo and Juliet are
surrounded by lots of pieces of broken glass. There is a
shelf above them. There is no one in the house and there is
no sign of a break in. The house is located next to a railway

Bournemouth Beach
The photograph was taken on a beach in the United Kingdom.
Q: Who has been to the UK? Do you go to any beaches? 
How do they compare to beaches here in Mallorca?
The photograph was taken in March 2011.
Q: Can you guess what the weather is like in this picture?
It is a beautiful day. 
The sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky.
Q: What else do you expect to see in the photograph?
In the picture, a man and a woman are sitting on a deckchair facing the sea.
Q: Do you know what a deckchair is? Can you guess?
It is a folding chair for the beach. It is made of wood and canvas (Sp. lona).
Q: I think that the man and woman must be in a relationship.
What makes me think that? (Elicit as many ideas as possible)
Well, he has his arm around her waist and they look happy. 
They are smiling and they are
wearing sunglasses.
This photograph is going to appear in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Happy Couple
This is a day of celebration. In the background of the photograph, a crowd of people are
smiling and cheering. They hold up their mobile phones to take photographs of the happy
couple who are standing in the foreground of the picture, embraced in a passionate kiss.
There is no doubt that they will remember this day for the rest of their lives.
A day of celebration / a crowd of people
Some of them are holding objects above their heads
* What are the objects?
* What is happening in the picture?
Mobile phones
* Why do you think they are holding mobile phones above their heads?
Taking photographs of the happy couple /
standing in the foreground of the picture
Embraced in a passionate kiss
Will remember this day for the rest of their lives.
* What else do you expect to see in the picture?
Something has just happened
* What do you think has just happened / what have they just done?
The kiss is taking place between two men / never met before
* Who are the people? What is the relationship between them?
* What has just happened?
Look at the photo here: 

or here:

Parisian bridge
This is one of those photographs that captures a moment of street life - a split second that would otherwise have been lost forever. It is a black and white photograph that was taken on a Parisian bridge. The sky looks grey and the trees that line the Seine are bare. This looks very much like a lazy Autumn day. I imagine that it is a Sunday. On the bridge, there are two Parisian artists at work - a painter and a photographer. Perhaps they know each other. Or perhaps they have never met. The painter is painting the view from the bridge. The photographer is photographing the scene on the bridge. The artists are not alone. In between them, two curious passers-by have stopped on the bridge to watch them at work.
Passer-by number one is discretely looking over the painter's shoulder, trying to catch a glimpse of the canvas, possibly hoping that he doesn't get caught. He is standing with his hands behind his back and in his hands he is holding a chain. Passer-by number two is looking in the opposite direction. She is more interested in the photographer. She is staring directly at him, less worried about being discrete.

Draw the image.

Compare with a partner. Find 3 or 4 differences (examples include: types of tree, types of bridge, number of people in picture, layout, etc.)

Ask students how many people they included in their drawings. They probably won’t say less than four. Tell them that there are only two people in the photograph. Ask them if they can explain.

Invite students to ask you questions in an attempt to work out why there are only two people.

Look at the picture here:

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