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Objective Proficiency p 71. Extra Gapped Sentences. Vocabulary

Bodywork: /ˈbɒdiwɜːk/ the main outside structure of a vehicle, usually made of painted metal. E.g. The car had damaged bodywork but a very good engine.
Rusty: /ˈrʌsti/ covered with rust. Sp. oxidado. E.g. rusty metal. A rusty old car.

1.a. Sound in good condition; not damaged, hurt, etc. E.g. The house needs attention but the roof is sound.
1.b. Sound: sensible; that you can rely on and that will probably give good results. E.g. a person of sound judgement. He gave me some very sound advice. This gives the design team a sound basis for their work. The proposal makes sound commercial sense. Their policies are environmentally sound.

2.a. Sharp: sudden and rapid, especially of a change in something. E.g. a sharp drop in prices. A sharp rise in crime. A sharp increase in unemployment.
2.b. Sharp: clear and definite. E.g. a sharp outline. The photograph is not very sharp (= there are no clear contrasts between areas of light and shade). In sharp contrast to her mood, the clouds were breaking up to reveal a blue sky. She drew a sharp distinction between domestic and international politics.  
2.c. Sharp: (of people or their minds, eyes, etc.) quick to notice or understand things or to react. E.g. to have sharp eyes. A girl of sharp intelligence. A sharp sense of humour. He kept a sharp lookout for any strangers. It was very sharp of you to see that!

3.c. Notices (notice: a short article in a newspaper or magazine, giving an opinion about a book, play, etc. Sp. crítica. E.g. The play got good notices in the national press.)

4.b Fair: quite large in number, size or amount. E.g. A fair number of people came along. A fair-sized town. We've still got a fair bit (= quite a lot) to do. My birthday's still a fair way off (= it's still a long time until my birthday).
4.c. Fair copy: a neat version of a piece of writing on which all corrections have been made. The final draft (= the final version). Opposite: rough draft. E.g. I've made a rough draft of the letter.

5.a. Land: to succeed in getting a job, etc, especially one that a lot of other people want. E.g. land something He's just landed a starring role in Spielberg's next movie. Land somebody/yourself something She's just landed herself a company directorship. 
Live off somebody/something: depend on as a source of income or support. E.g. if you think you’re going to live off me for the rest of your life, you’re mistaken.She's still living off her parents. To live off welfare.
5.c. See, etc. how the land lies (British English) to find out about a situation. E.g. Let's wait and see how the land lies before we do anything.

6.a. Square: make compatible; reconcile. E.g. I’m able to square my profession with my religious beliefs.
6.b. Square: at right angles; perpendicular. E.g. these lines must be square to the top and bottom marked edges.
6.c. a square meal: a good, satisfying meal. E.g. He looks as though he hasn't had a square meal for weeks. 

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