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Objective Proficiency p 71. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 7
a B

b B

c D

d E

e B

f D

g E

h D

i E

j D

k B

l E

Ex 9 (2002 edition)
Gapped sentences

1. raw
Shiver: to shake slightly because you are cold, frightened, excited, etc. E.g. Don't stand outside shivering—come inside and get warm!
Hunk: a large piece of something, especially food, that has been cut or broken from a larger piece. E.g. a hunk of bread/cheese/meat.
- (weather)very cold. E.g. a raw north wind. E.g. It had been a wet raw winter.
- (materials) in its natural state; not yet changed, used or made into something else. E.g. raw sugar.
- (food) not cooked. E.g. raw meat. E.g. These fish are often eaten raw.

2. band
Gloom: almost total darkness. E.g. We watched the boats come back in the gathering gloom. Caroline peered into the gloom of the hallway.
Scrutiny: /ˈskruːtəni / careful and thorough examination. E.g. Foreign policy has come under close scrutiny recently. 
- a line of something such as colour or light. E.g. The male bird has a brown band across its chest.
- a thin flat strip or circle of any material that is put around things, for example to hold them together or to make them stronger. E.g. She always ties her hair back in a band.
- (Range) a range of numbers, ages, prices, etc. within which people or things are counted or measured. E.g. the 25-35 age band. Tax bands. 

3. Burn: 
- Have money to burn: to have so much money that you do not have to be careful with it.
- Burn out; burn yourself/somebody out: to become extremely tired or sick by working too hard over a period of time. E.g. If he doesn't stop working so hard, he'll burn himself out. By the age of 25 she was completely burned out and retired from the sport.
- (Of a light) to produce light. E.g. Lights were burning upstairs, but no one answered the door.

4. low
Snap something up: (informal) to buy or obtain something quickly because it is cheap or you want it very much. Sp. Apoderarse de. E.g. All the best bargains were snapped up within hours. (figurative) She's been snapped up by Hollywood to star in two major movies.
Low: unfair, not honest. E.g. That was a low trick.

5. loose
- Not exact; not very careful. E.g. a loose translation. Loose thinking.
- Break loose: to separate yourself or somebody/something from a group.
- Loose change: coins that you have in a pocket or a bag.   

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