Objective Proficiency p 110. Freegan

freegan: /ˈfriːɡən/ a person who only eats food that they can get for free and that would otherwise be thrown out or wasted. someone who eats food that's been wasted – maybe thrown away by supermarkets or restaurants.
E.g. He is a freegan who claims to have subsisted on a largely Dumpster-based diet for a decade.
I'm trying to do my bit for the environment by reducing food that's thrown away – so I'm becoming a freegan.
My brother was so annoyed when he saw loads of food dumped in a bin at the back of the supermarket that he decided to collect it and give it to the homeless – I suppose you could call him a freegan.
Thrown away food isn't rubbish, it's free food! That's why I'm a freegan.
freeloader: /ˈfriːləʊdə(r)/
a person who is always accepting free food and accommodation from other people without giving them anything in exchange. E.g. Take your things and go: I’ve had enough of freeloaders.
cheapskate: /ˈtʃiːpskeɪt/
a person who does not like to spend money. E.g.  We really need a new heater, but the landlord’s such a cheapskate we’ll never get it.

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