Objective Proficiency p 119.Conversations about sports. Extra Listening

Decide if the following statements are true or false
Conversation 1
1. Mena had a narrow win
2. They did not have continuous series of hits.
3. The speaker who played tennis with Mena looks younger than she is.
Conversation 2
4. They are having a cuppa
5. It was the first time he had been to Spain.
6. He has relatives in Spain.
7. He was sponsored by her.
8. She is forgetful.
9. He didn't rise to the challenge.
10. He experienced excruciating pain.
11. He was stung by jellyfish.
12. His performance got better at the end.
Conversation 3
13. Manu could have scored an extra goal.
14. Manu is hopeless.
15. Wallace was a game changer.
16. A Bayern defender was given a red card.
17. Wallace pretended he had been severely hurt.
18. Arsenal will be the favourite in the home game.

1. False (6-4) (6-1) 

2. False (We actually had some pretty long rallies)

3. True (good job I don't look it (ancient))

4. True (- Is there enough water in the kettle for me too? - Yeah, should be.

5. False (back in Spain)

6. True (-Was that seeing family?- kind of)

7. True (Yeah, yeah)

8. True (a memory like a sieve)

9. False (I just about made it)

10. True (in agony)

11. False  (he swam round swarms of jellyfish)

12. False (faded)

13. True (kicked the ball over the bar)

14. False (good, just not that good)

15. True (made a huge difference)

16. True (sent off) 

17. True (it wasn't enough to send him crashing to the ground like he'd been shot)

18. False (the underdogs)
game changer:
a person, an idea or an event that completely changes the way a situation develops. E.g. The advent of the digital camera proved to be a game changer in the photography industry.
rally: (in tennis and similar sports) a series of hits of the ball before a point is scored. E.g. That was a great rally!

line: a long thin mark on the ground to show the limit or border of something, especially of a playing area in some sports. E.g. The ball went over the line. Be careful not to cross the line (= the broken line painted down the middle of the road). Your feet must be behind the line when you serve (= in tennis). They were all waiting on the starting line.

fade: if a sports player, team, actor, etc. fades, they stop playing or performing as well as they did before. E.g. Black faded on the final bend.
swarm: a large group of insects, especially bees, moving together in the same direction. E.g. a swarm of bees/locusts/flies.

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