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Objective Proficiency p 114. Vocabulary

2002 Edition p 116:
Ex 1
Text A
  • Far off: a long distance away. E.g. a far-off land. 
  • Landmass: a large area of land, for example a continent. E.g. 2500 kilometres from the neares landmass.
  • Wage: to begin and continue a war, a battle, etc. E.g. The rebels have waged a guerrilla war since 2007. Wage something against/on somebody/something He alleged that a press campaign was being waged against him.
  • Gough: /ɡɒf/ 
  • Warfare: the activity of fighting a war, especially using particular weapons or methods. E.g. air/naval/guerrilla, etc. warfare. Countries engaged in warfare. 
  • A foregone conclusion: if you say that something is a foregone conclusion, you mean that it is a result that is certain to happen. Sp. de prever. E.g. The outcome of the vote is a foregone conclusion.
  • Battered: / ˈbætəd /attacked violently and injured; attacked and badly damaged by weapons or by bad weather. E.g. battered women/children The child had suffered what has become known as ‘battered baby syndrome.’Rockets and shells continued to hit the battered port. After the hurricane, thousands were rescued from the battered coastal towns.
  • Unbowed: /ˌʌnˈbaʊd/ not defeated or not ready to accept defeat. E.g. The losing team left the field bloody but unbowed.
  • Overrun, overran, overrun: to fill or spread over an area quickly, especially in large numbers. Sp. invadir. E.g. The house was completely overrun with mice. Enemy soldiers had overrun the island. The tiny village was overrun by tourists.
  • Intrepid: /ɪnˈtrepɪd/ very brave; not afraid of danger or difficulties. Fearless. Sp. intrépido. intrepid explorer.
  • Stretch: a continuous period of time. Spell. E.g. They worked in four-hour stretches. She used to read for hours at a stretch (= without stopping). 
  • Scope: the opportunity or ability to do or achieve something. Sp. posibilidades. E.g. There's still plenty of scope for improvement. Her job offers very little scope for promotion. The extra money will give us the scope to improve our facilities. First try to do something that is within your scope. 
  • Grudge match: a match where there is strong dislike between the teams and they take revenge on each other.
  • Dingo / ˈdɪŋɡəʊ/ plural dingoes: a wild Australian dog.

  • Yam: the large root of a tropical plant that is cooked as a vegetable. Sp. boniato, ñame. 

  • Stowaway: a person who hides in a ship or plane before it leaves, in order to travel without paying or being seen.
  • Utility: the quality of being useful. Usefulness. E.g. This information is of the highest utility to a historian.
  • Idiocy: /ˈɪdiəsi/ very stupid behaviour; the state of being very stupid. Stupidity. Sp. Idiotez. E.g. It is sheer idiocy to go climbing in this weather. 
  • Go on to do something: to do something after completing something else. E.g. The book goes on to describe his experiences in the army. After her early teaching career she went on to become a doctor.
  • Overcome somebody/something to defeat somebody. E.g. In the final game Sweden easily overcame France.

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