Sunday, 1 January 2012

Objective Proficiency p 93. Patrick Zachmann: Village of Bousfer. Extra Speaking

"I wonder"
This is a photograph that was taken by Patrick Zachmann
On the right, there is a dog, tied to a wall.
On the left, there is a woman. She is introducing us to a man. The man looks a bit younger than her.
I wonder who the man is. He could be her brother / husband / father. I am quite sure that he is not her son.
I wonder how Patrick Zachmann and the woman met. I imagine that they met somewhere and she told him her story. And then he asked if he could take her portrait.
I wonder what kind of dog that is. It's definitely not a greyhound.
I wonder what the woman does for a living. That looks like a vine above her. Perhaps she makes wine.
I wonder what happened to the man. The woman looks sad. I think she misses him. I think that the man is dead.
I wonder if there is anyone here who can answer any of these questions.
This photograph was taken in Bousfer in 2012.

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