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Objective Proficiency p 94. Vocabulary

Ex 1
  • Text: /tekst/ to send somebody a written message using a mobile/cell phone. E.g. Text me when you're on your way. Kids seem to be texting non-stop these days. I'll text you the final score.
  • E-pal: (also e-friend): a person that you make friends with by sending emails, often somebody you have never met. E.g. She now has e-pals all over the world.
  • Fortnight: /ˈfɔːtnaɪt/ two weeks. E.g. a fortnight's holiday. A fortnight ago. In a fortnight's time. He's had three accidents in the past fortnight.
  • Time-waster: something unproductive. Something that makes you waste time. E.g. chat rooms can be a bit of a time-waster.
Ex 2
  • Affectionate: /əˈfekʃənət/ showing caring feelings and love for somebody. Loving. Sp. cariñoso. E.g. He is very affectionate towards his children. An affectionate kiss. Your affectionate son, Peter (tu hijo que te quiere, Peter)
  • Amiss: /əˈmɪs/ wrong; not as it should be. E.g. She sensed something was amiss and called the police. He shone a light inside and saw nothing amiss.
  • Acute: /əˈkjuːt/ very serious or severe. E.g. There is an acute shortage of water. acute pain. The world's acute environmental problems
  • Devastating: /ˈdevəsteɪtɪŋ/ causing a lot of damage and destruction. Disastrous. Extremely shocking to a person. E.g. the devastating news that her father was dead. A devastating explosion/fire/cyclone. Oil spills are having a devastating effect on coral reefs in the ocean. He received devastating injuries in the accident. It will be a devastating blow to the local community if the factory closes.
  • Within: /wɪˈðɪn/ before a particular period of time has passed; during a particular period of time. E.g. You should receive a reply within seven days. The ambulance arrived within minutes of (a los pocos minutos de) the call being made. Two elections were held within the space of a year. 
  • Upbeat: /ˈʌpbiːt/ positive and enthusiastic; making you feel that the future will be good. Optimistic. E.g. The tone of the speech was upbeat. The meeting ended on an upbeat note.  
  • Bowl somebody over: to surprise or impress somebody a lot. Sp. Dejar boquiabierto. E.g. He was bowel over by our gift.
Ex 3  
  • Broken-hearted: used to describe a feeling of great sadness, especially when somebody you love has died or left you. Sp. destrozado, deshecho. E.g. He was broken-hearted when his wife died.
p. 185
  • Shoot off: to leave very quickly. Dash off. E.g. I had to shoot off at the end of the meeting.
  • Run-in (with somebody): (informal) an argument or a fight. Sp. roce. E.g. The fiery player has had numerous run-ins with referees. I've just had a really awful run-in with Duncan over his marketing plan.
  • Fiery: /ˈfaɪəri/ quickly or easily becoming angry. E.g. She has a fiery temper. A fiery young man
  • Impossible: /ɪmˈpɒsəbl/ very difficult to deal with. Sp. insoportable. E.g. I've been placed in an impossible position. Honestly, you're impossible at times!
  • Wrapper: /ˈræpə(r)a piece of paper, plastic, etc. that is wrapped around something, especially food, when you buy it in order to protect it and keep it clean. Sp. envoltorio. E.g. sweet wrappers.
Ex 4
  • Put something on: to pretend to have a particular feeling, quality, way of speaking, etc. E.g. He put on an American accent. I don't think she was hurt. She was just putting it on. 
  • Spill the beans: (informal) to tell somebody something that should be kept secret or private.
  • Workhouse: (in Britain in the past) a building where very poor people were sent to live and given work to do. Sp. Asilo de pobres que debían trabajar a cambio de comida y alojamiento.
  • Disreputable: /dɪsˈrepjətəbl/ that people consider to be dishonest and bad. Sp. de mala reputación/ fama. E.g. She spent the evening with her disreputable brother Stefan. A disreputable area of the city.
  • Laid-back: calm and relaxed; seeming not to worry about anything. Sp. tranquilo y relajado. E.g. a laid-back attitude to life. She's very laid-back about her exams.

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