Monday, 14 November 2011

Objective Proficiency p 45. Prepositions. Extra Exercise 2

1. It's freezing in here. Can you push the window _____?
2. The door is open a little. Pull it ________ so no one will hear us.
3. They became fond __________ each other at school. Their fondness _______ each other grew and many years later they married.
4. He is very proud ______ his son. He often expresses pride _______ the child's achievement.
5. Are you satisfied ________ the way that the business is being run? The shareholders have expressed satisfaction _________ the way it is being run.
6. I am against any form of cruelty _________ animals.
7.There has been a great improvement ______ the behaviour of children in the school. This has resulted ______ the headteacher's idea _______ involving them _______ decision-making.
8. I had to have a vaccination _________ typhoid before entering the country. 
9. She stared in amazement ______ the sight that met her eyes- Dave had shaved all his hair off.
10. There seems to be little likelihood _____ Williamson winning Wimbledon because of her inability ______ play well on grass tennis courts.
11. Even though Dennis didn't act ______ my advice and follow a career in medicine, I'm full of admiration ______ his determination _____ train to be a vet.

1. to
push something to to close or nearly close something, such as a door. E.g. The door is open a little. Please push it to. Todd came in and pushed the door to.

2. to
pull something to to close something, usually a door of some type. E.g. Please pull the door to.

3. of


4. of

pride (in something) I take (a) pride in my work.  
pride (in doing something) We take great pride in offering the best service in town.

5. with


6. to 

7. in 




8. against 

9. at 

10. of


11. on



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