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Objective Proficiency p 50. The Rhythm of Life. Extra Multiple Choice Cloze

In all walks of life, music is just what the doctor (1)_________, improving the quality of sleep for anxious people, calming overactive children and encouraging and strengthening the sick. Music's healing powers have been noted throughout the ages. Our forebears (2)__________ use of music to encourage their crops to grow. The ancient Greeks told stories of the power of music in the (3)___________ of legendary figures such as Orpheus who could charm people with his singing. In our chaotic world, music can (4)________ to establish a rhythm in our lives to maintain physical and mental health. So what type of music should we be listening to in order to improve our lives? Bach or Mozart? Heavy metal or Celine Dion? Studies show that the kind of music is irrelevant — it's our right to choose which is the important issue. In an age of background music, having music which we detest inflicted on us can (5)_________ out to be a direct cause of discord and potential illness. 
Many people use music to help them feel relaxed after a busy day at work. Music can also reduce the stress of being ill, especially (6)_________ reducing pain. The director of Baltimore hospital says that thirty minutes of music has the same effect as ten milligram of the painkiller Valium.

1. 1) decreed       2) ordered        3) required         4) specified
2. 1) made           2) had               3) got                 4) found
3. 1) bodies         2) arms             3) hands             4) tongues
4. 1) serve           2) assist            3) aid                  4) promote
5. l) come            2) set                3) turn                4) stand
6. l) in                 2) with              3) by                   4) of

1.  2) ordered

Just what the doctor ordered: (humorous) exactly what somebody wants or needs.

2. 1) made
Forebear: a person in your family who lived a long time ago. Ancestor.

3.  3) hands 

In the hands of somebody, in somebody's hands: being taken care of or controlled by somebody. E.g. The matter is now in the hands of my lawyer. At that time, the castle was in enemy hands.

4.  1) serve
To serve: to be used in this way

issues is more than topic/subject or matter, it also has the idea of something of importance requiring a decision

5.  3) turn
turn out: result 
Discord: /ˈdɪskɔːd/ disagreement; arguing. E.g. Marital/family discord. A note of discord surfaced during the proceedings.

6. 3) by   

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