Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Objective Proficiency p 53. Vocabulary

Ex 4

1 chances are (good/excellent) (that) Alan will be/get

2 ’s/is doubtful that Professor Potts will take

3 bound to get the Head’s job if / providing (that) / provided (that)

Hitch: a problem or difficulty that causes a short delay. Sp. Complicación. E.g. The ceremony went off without a hitch. A technical hitch.

Yours for the taking: If something is "yours for the taking", it means that all you need to do is take it, and then it is yours. No work, or effort, or struggle is necessary -- all that is necessary is the simple act of taking.

4 all likelihood the cause

5 a foregone conclusion (that) a/the gold medal

6 likely (that) the audience will take no notice

Ex 5
a. the writer is rather cynical.
b. The comparison between groups in the past who got together themselves and what is happening now.
c That music bands are like any other product.

1 Not 

2 as 

3 out 

4 in/to 

5 may 

6 With
wash around: Sp circular. E.g. with such serious money washing around.

7 who/what 

8 far/much 
Random: done, chosen, etc. without somebody deciding in advance what is going to happen, or without any regular pattern. Sp. Al azar. E.g. The information is processed in a random order.

9 Although/Though/Whereas/While/Whilst 

10 before 
Market something (to somebody) (as something): to advertise and offer a product for sale; to present something in a particular way and make people want to buy it. Promote. E.g. It is marketed as a low-alcohol wine. School meals need to be marketed to children in the same way as other food. 

11 having/likely 

12 together 

13 charge/control

14 fact/reality
Dream something up: (informal) to have an idea, especially a very unusual or silly one. Think up. E.g. Trust you to dream up a crazy idea like this!

15 any

  • Trust you, him, her, etc. (to do something): (informal) used when somebody does or says something that you think is typical of them. E.g. Trust John to forget Sue's birthday!

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