Monday, 14 November 2011

Objective Proficiency p 45. Prepositions+ Nouns. Extra Grammar

1.______theory: E.g. _______ theory, these machines should last for ten years or more.
2.______advance: E.g. It's cheaper if you book the tickets________ advance.
3.______purpose: E.g. He did it _______ purpose, knowing it would annoy her.
4.______heart: E.g. I've dialled the number so many times I know it _______ heart.
5.______the latest: E.g. Applications should be in by next Monday ________ the latest.
6.______chance: E.g. I met her _______ chance (= without planning to) at the airport.
7.______the news (the programme): E.g. Did you see The Prime Minister _____ the news last night?
8.______the news (current /in all media Sp. ser noticia) Farming methods are back _____ the news this week.
9.______a good/bad mood: E.g. She's ________ a good mood today (= happy and friendly).
10._____the end (eventually): E.g. He tried various jobs and _____ the end became an accountant.
11._____mistake: E.g. I took your bag instead of mine _____ mistake.
12._____nothing (to no purpose): E.g. he died anyway, so it had all been ____ nothing
13._____good terms: E.g. He is still _____ excellent terms with his ex-wife.
14._____principle (belief system): E.g. He doesn't invest in the arms industry _____ principle.
15._____principle(theoretically possible): E.g. _____ principle there is nothing that a human can do that a machine might not be able to do one day.
16._____debt: E.g. He died heavily ____ debt.
17._____the law: E.g. A culprit is a person who has done something wrong or _______ the law
18._____a rule (habit): E.g. ______ a general rule vegetable oils are better for you than animal fats.

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