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Objective Proficiency p 48. Keys and Vocabulary

Paper 1 Part 1 Multiple-choice Cloze
  • Slouch: / slaʊtʃ/ to stand, sit or move in a lazy way, often with your shoulders and head bent forward. E.g. Several students were slouching against the wall. Sit up straight. Don't slouch. He slouched across the room and collapsed in a chair.

  • Fling yourself/something + adverb/preposition: Fling, flung, flung. To move yourself or part of your body suddenly and with a lot of force. E.g. She flung herself onto the bed. He flung out an arm to stop her from falling.

  • Creep, crept, crept: to move slowly, quietly and carefully, because you do not want to be seen or heard. E.g. I crept up the stairs, trying not to wake my parents. I heard someone creeping around the house.

  • Wade: to walk with an effort through something, especially water or mud. E.g. He waded into the water to push the boat out.

  • Teem: to fall heavily. Pour. E.g. The rain was teeming down. It was teeming with rain. Teem with something: (usually be teeming with something) to be full of people, animals, etc. moving around. The streets were teeming with tourists. A river teeming with fish.

2002 edition:
Ex 1
  • Obituary: /əˈbɪtʃuəri/ an article about somebody's life and achievements, that is printed in a newspaper soon after they have died.E.g. an obituary column/notice.
  • Towering: extremely impressive, important, or successful. E.g. Picasso is a towering figure in the history of 20th-century art. 
  • Frantic: done quickly and with a lot of activity, but in a way that is not very well organized. Hectic. E.g. a frantic dash/search/struggle. They made frantic attempts to revive him. Things are frantic in the office right now. They worked with frantic haste.
  • Render somebody/something + adjective: (formal) to cause somebody/something to be in a particular state or condition. Make.E.g.  to render something harmless/useless/ineffective. Hundreds of people were rendered homeless by the earthquake.
  • Flicker: to keep going on and off as it shines or burns. Parpadear. E.g. The lights flickered and went out. The flickering screen of the television.
  • Weighty: heavy. E.g. a weighty volume/tome.
  • Behold, beheld, beheld: to look at or see somebody/something. E.g. Her face was a joy to behold. 
  • Hail: to describe somebody/something as being very good or special, especially in newspapers, etc. Aclamar. E.g. hail somebody/something as something: the conference was hailed as a great success. 
  • Set sth down: to write something down on paper in order to record it. To set down a good book.
  • Realm: an area of activity, interest, or knowledge. Mundo. E.g. in the realm of literature. At the end of the speech he seemed to be moving into the realms of fantasy.  
  • Succinct: /səkˈsɪŋkt/ expressed clearly and in a few words. Concise. E.g. Keep your answers as succinct as possible. A succinct explanation

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