Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Objective Proficiency p 46. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 1
  • Curb something : /kɜːb/ to control or limit something, especially something bad. E.g. He needs to learn to curb his temper. A range of policies have been introduced aimed at curbing inflation.
  • cuddly /ˈkʌdli/ 1. if a person is cuddly, they make you want to cuddle them. E.g. a tiny, cuddly kitten. 2. (of a child’s toy) soft and designed to be cuddled. E.g. a cuddly rabbit
  • Bounds: /baʊndz/ the accepted or furthest limits of something. Sp. Límites. E.g. beyond/outside/within the bounds of decency. Public spending must be kept within reasonable bounds. It was not beyond the bounds of possibility that they would meet again one day. His enthusiasm knew no bounds (= was very great). Do you think some advertising goes beyond the bounds of good taste?