Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Objective Proficiency p 61. Vocabulary

Ex 5
Slash something: to make a long cut with a sharp object, especially in a violent way. E.g. Someone had slashed the tyres on my car.
Receiving mixed reactions from members of the public, the exhibition includes some rather shocking images.

Often occurring in open landscape, Andy Goldsworthy's sculptures are particularly effective during dramatic weather conditions

Wanting to create order from chaos, physicists are constantly trying to reduce the universe to a set of basic principles. 

Having taken quite a few warm-up shots, the photographer then caught the model unawares in a more relaxed pose. 
Unawares: / ˌʌnəˈweəz/ when not expected. E.g. The camera had caught her unawares. The announcement took me unawares. She came upon him unawares when he was searching her room.

Coming in from the street for an hour's rest, people don't realise that the beds — and they themselves — are part of an installation. 

Having bought two previous works by this artist, I am now looking out for a third.

Ex 6
a (being) chosen

b shown

c sold

d made

e being searched

f announced
Shortlist: a small number of candidates for a job, etc, who have been chosen from all the people who applied. E.g. to draw up a shortlist. A shortlist for a literary prize. She is on my shortlist of great singers. 

g damaged

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