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Objective Proficiency p 50. David Bowie Has Died. Extra Listening

 "Not only (1)________ the last show of the tour, but it's the last show that we'll ever do" was David Bowie's announcement in 1973. But it was only his (2)__________, Ziggy Stardust, who (3)___________ that night.
The changes of persona would both (4)_____________________ his fans.
He performed music and (5)____________ before a (6)__________________ folk number gave him his first major hit.
A (7)__________________ album, (8)___________ Dory, (9)_________ a hit single.
The incarnation of Ziggy Stardust, the (10)______________ bisexual rock star brought him star status.
David Bowie says that he got quite (11)___________ with the idea of creating characters.
When Bowie was introduced to soul music, he (12)_______________ his entire stage show.
His first film role was in a tale of an (13)__________________.
(14)_______________ of American excess, he moved to Germany, where he  (15)_____________ with an (16)_____________ musician.
He also produced videos that helped (17)___________ the MTV generation.
Let's Dance was very successful thanks to (18)____________ videos.
According to Bowie, artistically and (19)_________________, the MTV period was his lowest point.
His music career (20)____________ in the mid-80s, despite winning (21)____________________ for his role as a prisoner of war.
Tin Machine was a (22)______________ and critically (23)__________________ four-piece rock band.
Bowie saw the potential of the internet to (24)_____________ music very early on.
He was always ready to (25)____________ in new directions and reinvent both himself and his music.

1. is it

2. alter ego
alter ego: /ˌæltər ˈiːɡəʊ/

3. bowed out

bow out (of something) /baʊ/ to stop taking part in an activity, especially one in which you have been successful in the past. E.g. She has finally decided it's time to bow out of international tennis.




4. entrance and bewilder

entrance /ɪnˈtrɑːns/ to make somebody feel great pleasure and admiration so that they give somebody/something all their attention. Sp. encantar, hechizar. E.g. He listened to her, entranced. I was entranced by the bird’s beauty.

bewilder: to confuse somebody. E.g. She was totally bewildered by his sudden change of mood. His complete lack of interest in money bewilders his family.




5. mime 

mime: the use of movements of your hands or body and the expressions on your face to tell a story or to act something without speaking.




6. psychedelia-tinged

psychedeliamusic, art, fashion, etc. that is created as a result of the effects of psychedelic drugs.

psychedelic:/ˌsaɪkəˈdelɪk/ Sp. psicodélico/a

  1. (of drugs) causing the user to see and hear things that are not there or that do not exist (= to hallucinate)
  2. (of art, music, clothes, etc.) having bright colours, strange sounds, etc. like those that are experienced when taking psychedelic drugs

tinge: to add a small amount of colour, emotion or quality to something. E.g. Pink tinged her pale cheeks. Sadness tinged his voice.




7. subsequent

subsequent /ˈsʌbsɪkwənt/ happening or coming after something else. E.g. subsequent generations.

8. Hunky

hunky-dory: if you say that everything is hunky-dory, you mean that there are no problems and that everyone is happy.




9. spawned

spawn somethingto cause something to develop or be produced. E.g. The band's album spawned a string of hit singles.




10. androgynous

androgynous: /ænˈdrɒdʒənəs/ having both male and female characteristics; looking neither strongly male nor strongly female.




11. besotted

besotted (by/with somebody/something) loving somebody/something so much that you do not behave in a sensible way. E.g. He is completely besotted with his new girlfriend.




12. redesigned

13. alien visitor

14. tiring

tire of somebody/ something to become bored with something/somebody or begin to enjoy it/them less They soon tired of the beach and went for a walk.




15. teamed up




16. avant-garde /ˌævɒ̃ ˈɡɑːd/




17. fuel
fuel something to increase something; to make something stronger. E.g. to fuel speculation/rumours/fears.
18. stylish 
19. aesthetically /iːsˈθetɪkli/
20. stalled

stall (something) to stop something from happening until a later date; to stop making progress. E.g. attempts to revive the stalled peace plan. Discussions have once again stalled.
21. critical acclaim
acclaim: praise and approval for somebody/something, especially an artistic achievement international/popular/critical acclaim (praise of an artist's work - a film, album, etc. - by critics).
22. short-lived
short-lived: If a ​feeling or ​experience is short-lived, it only ​lasts for a ​short ​time. E.g. I had a few ​relationships at ​college, most of which were ​fairly short-lived. 

23. panned

pan something /pæn/ to severely criticize something such as a play or a film/movie. E.g.
The television series was panned by critics and viewers alike.
24. deliver 
25. strike out 
strike out/ strike out for something/ strike out towards something to move in a determined way (towards something). E.g. He struck out (= started swimming) towards the shore. 



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