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Objective Proficiency p 46. Advertising: Exploiting the Vulnerable? Extra Word Formation

Concern about young people's lack of life skills and 1___________ (COGNITION) ability to evaluate advertisements has provided much scope for research and 2____________ (HEAT) debate. 3______________ (EMBED) within the 4____________ (DISCUSS) is the 5__________ (CONTEND) that advertising to this group is 6___________ (INHERENT) '7___________ (FAIR)'. However, many now believe that the 8_____________ (VULNERABLE) of young people are often 9_____________ (STATE) and that, having grown up with the constant barrage of advertising, they are able to pay it little or no attention. There is also the 10_____________ (ARGUE) that, by 11____________ (PROVIDE) product information, advertising helps young people make more 12______________ (INFORM) choices.

1. cognitive

2. heated 

3. Embedded 
Embed: /ɪmˈbed/
embed something (in something) to fix something firmly into a substance or solid object. E.g. an operation to remove glass that was embedded in his leg. The bullet embedded itself in the wall. (Figurative) These attitudes are deeply embedded in our society (= felt very strongly and difficult to change). 

4. discussion 

5. contention
contention (that…) a belief or an opinion that you express, especially in an argument. E.g. It is our client's contention that the fire was an accident. I would reject that contention.  

contend that… (formal) to say that something is true, especially in an argument. Maintain. E.g. I would contend that the minister's thinking is flawed on this point.  

6. inherently
inherent /ɪnˈhɪərənt/ an inherent  quality is a basic or essential feature that gives something its character. E.g. The design of the building had inherent weaknesses. Inherent in:  What are the long-term risks and dangers inherent in this kind of work? The difficulties inherent in a study of this type. Violence is inherent in our society. An inherent weakness in the design of the machine. 
inherently: E.g.  Politics is an inherently risky career.

7. unfair

8. vulnerabilities

9. overstated 
overstate something to say something in a way that makes it seem more important than it really isExaggerate. E.g. He tends to overstate his case when talking politics. The seriousness of the crime cannot be overstated. Her musical talent has been a little overstated. He may have overstated his ability in the interview.

barrage (of something) /ˈbærɑːʒ/ a large number of something, such as questions or comments, that are directed at somebody very quickly, one after the other, often in an aggressive way. E.g. a barrage of questions/ criticisms/ complaints. The media's barrage of attacks on the President's wife. A barrage of abuse.

10. argument 

11. providing 

12. informed
informed having or showing a lot of knowledge about a particular subject or situation. E.g. an informed critic. An informed choice/ decision/ guess/ opinion.

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