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Objective Proficiency p 60. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 1 (2002 edition: Ex 2)
dazzling: adjective  
Dazzling: (adj) Extremely impressive, beautiful, or skilful. E.g. a dazzling display of football.

eyeballing: participle 
eyeball: look or stare at closely. E.g. we eyeballed one another 

i Driving refers to Percy Shaw
ii Modelled refers to his invention (the cat's eye) 

i The cat is sitting on the roof
ii The person is sitting on the roof 

Ex 2 (2002 edition: Ex 1)
awe-inspiring: impressive; making you feel respect and admiration. E.g. The building was awe-inspiring in size and design. There is something very awe-inspiring about this image.

indistinct: /ˌɪndɪˈstɪŋkt/ that cannot be seen, heard or remembered clearly. E.g. an indistinct figure in the distance. His memory of the incident was somewhat indistinct.

Dazzle: to impress somebody a lot with your beauty, skill, etc. E.g. He was dazzled by the warmth of her smile. Dazzling: (adj) e.g. a dazzling display of oriental dance.

Flamboyant: /flæmˈbɔɪənt/ 1. (of people or their behaviour) different, confident and exciting in a way that attracts attention. Sp. Exuberante, extravagante. E.g. a flamboyant gesture/style/personality. He was flamboyant and temperamental on and off the stage. 2. brightly coloured and noticeable. Sp. Vistoso, llamativo. E.g. flamboyant clothes/designs.

Gratuitous: /ɡrəˈtjuːɪtəs/ done without any good reason or purpose and often having harmful effects. Unnecessary. E.g. gratuitous violence on television.

Inspiring: /ɪnˈspaɪərɪŋ/ Exciting and encouraging you to do or feel something. E.g. an inspiring teacher

Stunning: extremely attractive or impressive. Beautiful. E.g. You look absolutely stunning! A stunning view of the lake. His performance was simply stunning.

Towering: extremely tall or high and therefore impressive. E.g. towering cliffs. The gas clouds in the space image are almost flamboyant in their towering grandeur.

Grandeur: /ˈɡrændjə(r)/ /ˈɡrændʒə(r)/ the quality of being great and impressive in appearance.  Splendour. E.g. the grandeur and simplicity of Roman architecture. The hotel had an air of faded grandeur. 

Ex 3 
  • Gaze: to look steadily at somebody/something for a long time, either because you are very interested or surprised, or because you are thinking of something else. E.g. He sat for hours just gazing into space.
  • Glow: to produce a dull, steady light. E.g. The embers (brasas) still glowed in the hearth (/hɑːθ /the floor at the bottom of a fireplace). The lighted candles glowed in the darkness. 
  • Starburst: a bright light in the shape of a star, or a shape that looks like a star exploding.
  • Reminiscent of sth/sb: /ˌremɪˈnɪsnt/ reminding you of somebody/something. E.g. The way he laughed was strongly reminiscent of his father. She writes in a style reminiscent of both Proust and Faulkner.
  • Masterly: / ˈmɑːstəli/ showing great skill or understanding. E.g. a masterly performance. Her handling of the situation was masterly.
  • Relay: to receive and send on information, news, etc. to somebody. Transmitir. E.g. He relayed the message to his boss.Instructions were relayed to him by phone.
  • Flamboyant: /flæmˈbɔɪənt/ different, confident and exciting in a way that attracts attention. Extravagante. A flamboyant gesture/style/personality. He was flamboyant and temperamental on and off the stage.
P 182
  • (Go) back to the drawing board: to start thinking about a new way of doing something after a previous plan or idea has failed. E.g. They rejected our proposal, so it's back to the drawing board. 

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