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Objective Proficiency p 45. Keys and Vocabulary

Ex 4
a back seat 

b boss’s wife / wife’s boss – depending on whether the boss is male or female 

c corner of a/the room 

d pay day 

e week’s holiday 

f wine glass
  • Tumbler: /ˈtʌmblə(r)/ a glass for drinking out of, with a flat bottom, straight sides and no handle. Sp. Vaso. Tumblerful: the amount held by a tumbler. E.g. Will you please bring me two tumblerfuls of water ?

g moment’s delay 

h Anne’s best friend 

i door handle

j sports field 

Extension activity
Explain what the following are: 
a seat back; a wine glass; a field sport; a horse race; a racehorse; a house boat; a boat house; pay day; a working party; the building of the museum; the museum building.

1. a seat back 

A seat back is the part of the seat itself, not where it is.

2. a wine glass

A wine glass is the object.

3. a field sport

A field sport is discus, javelin, etc.

4. a horse race

A horse race is a race for horses.

5. a racehorse

A racehorse is a type of horse.

6. a house boat

A house boat is a boat you can live on.

7. a boat house

A boat house is where you keep your boat.

8. pay day

Pay day is the day you are paid.

9. a working party

A working party is a committee to discuss the organisation of something.

10. the building of the museum

The building of the museum is the construction of the museum.

11. the museum building.

The museum building is the building itself.

Ex 5
1 in 

2 with 

3 of 

4 by/into 
affiliation: a person's connection with a political party, religion, etc. E.g. He was arrested because of his political affiliation.
Niche: /niːʃ/ or /nɪtʃ/  1. a comfortable or suitable role, job, way of life, etc. Sp. Hueco. E.g. He eventually found his niche in sports journalism.
2. an opportunity to sell a particular product to a particular group of people. Sp. Nicho. E.g. They spotted a niche in the market, with no serious competition.A niche market. The development of niche marketing (= aiming products at particular groups).

5 in 

6 of 
Awe: /ɔː / feelings of respect and slight fear; feelings of being very impressed by something/somebody. Sp. Sobrecogimiento, asombro. E.g. awe and respect. Awe and wonder. He speaks of her with awe. ‘It's magnificent,’ she whispered in awe. Be/ stand in awe of someone:  He is totally in awe of his father.

7 with/in
glaze (over) if a person's eyes glaze or glaze over, the person begins to look bored or tired. E.g. A lot of people's eyes glaze over if you say you are a feminist.‘I'm feeling rather tired,’ he said, his eyes glazing. I just glaze over as soon as anyone starts talking about cars.

8 to 

9 in/at 

10 of 

11 into/on 

12 with

13 towards/to 

14 on 

15 without 

16 at

Extra vocabulary
  • Slack-jawed: /ˈslæk dʒɔd/ having your mouth open because you are shocked or confused. Sp. Con la boca abierta. E.g. She just sat there slack-jawed, with nothing to say. A bunch of slack-jawed idiots. He was slack-jawed.
  • jaw-dropping: so large or good that it amazes you. E.g. a jaw-dropping 5 million dollars. Jaw-dropping amounts. A jaw-dropping performance. The production is absolutely jaw dropping.
  • jaw-droppingly: in a way that is so large or good that it amazes you. E.g. jaw-droppingly beautiful

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